Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Audience Targeting in SP2010

Overview from MS
Technet User Profile Service Overview
Audience targeting needs compilation so not useful when adding users on 1st login however, menu items can be targeted using SharePoint security groups.
Audience targeting is part of SharePoint Standard edition.  SharePoint 2010 editions comparison.
Update 5 Dec 2010 - The "Publishing feature" needs to be enabled on the site collection and site.  User Profile Service needs to be running.

Setup Audience targeting on Global menu's.

Overview: To use audience targeting you need to have at least SharePoint Server standard edition as you need the "Site Collection Publishing Feature" enabled. 

In this walk thru I am adding a user to a SharePoint Group and allowing the group to see a menu option.  Also ensure audience targeting is enabled.
Add the user to the Share Point group in my case I added the user "ReadOnlyUser" to SharePoint Security group "Extend Visitors".
Edit the menu option to be only visible to the SharePoint group "Extend Visitors".
Menu of normal user without the extra menu option.
User that can see additional menu options


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