Saturday, 31 July 2010

SharePoint 2010 Claims based security & Security notes

Non-Active Directory users in MOSS could support Forms Based Authentication (FBA) so can use SQL to authenticate users, or other providers.
Claims based model decouples authentication from SharePoint.  You can declaratively setup multiple providers. Using Claims Based Authentication (CBA) you can now mix multiple users from different sources in a single zone/site.
In MOSS needed a separate web.config for each set of users.
Using claims based providers can logic/meta-data to provide different users rights depending on rights.
SAML - security access markup language, used instead of Windows identity security tokens. SAM is better in that the token is extendable to give additional authority/claims. I.e. can give additional info on the security token.
CBA allows use to authenticate internal Windows users and external FBA users in the same web app.
Note: Once a claim is validated, the user is added to the SPWeb properties: Users, AllUsers & SiteCollectionUsers before they are authorised.  So as long as they have been authenticated they are added to the properties shown above.

More Info:
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