Monday, 26 July 2010

Problems with SPMetal in SharePoint 2010

Overview: I have been doing a fair amount of LINQ to SharePoint lately and I have found a couple of issues, my vitriolic rants are:
  1. SP metal can run against external content type (BCS) - external content types don't get created by SPMetal;
  2. Hidden fields are not available to the SPMetal created proxy i.e. createdby, modified. Parameters.xml can be changed to display these hidden fields;
  3. Only SharePoint Foundation field types are generated.  Column types are not picked up by SPMetal include the "Managed Metadata columns", "Publishing Html" or "Publishing Image". Additionally any custom created columns are not included by SPMetal;
  4. Anonymous LINQ needs a work around.  Update 27/11/2010, August Cumulative Update (CU) for SharePoint 2010 apparently fixes the anaonymous LINQ to SharePoint issue. Ensure you get the latest CU due to the re-release issues.
  5. Update: 08 Oct 2010 - List attachments are not picked up by SPMetal.  You will need to use the Server side object model or extend SPMetal using a partial class.
  6. Update: 14 Oct 2010 - Multiselect columns are not update-able with multiple values using LINQ to SharePoint.  You can update with 1 value only.
  7. Update 18 Oct 2010 - SPMetal does not like spaces in the url to the site that it generates off. Error the web at ' site' could not be found.
  8. Update 27 Nov 2010 - Using Linq to SharePoint across site collections.  Scope is to the current site collection.

LINQ to SharePoint Posts on this blog
Extending SPMetal for field columns no available to SPMetal by AC (Update) or AC
CAML query for retrieving Publishing HTML and Publishing image columns
Configuring SPMetal default generated code

To see the CAML generated by SPMetal:
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();

System.IO.TextWriter tw = new System.IO.StringWriter(sb);
updatedataContext.Log = tw;
// CAML Query here i.e. var x from customers select customers;
string camlOut = sb.ToString();  // CAML generated.

Update: 09/10/2010 Extend SPMetal to retrieve list attachments


Paul Beck said...

Andrew Connell has bloged about extending LINQ to SharePoint for custom/missing field types os outlined in issue3 listed above.

Anonymous said...

oh man, i just found out the other day that in splinq you cant open anothter site collection!! unless you set the context to null

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