Thursday, 15 July 2010

Deploying resources using features

Overview: Feature deployment has changed in SP2010 from MOSS. In MOSS we added files to the 12 hive and deployed them via a feature. In SP2010 the feature is package slightly differently and is marginally easier to create using VS2010 because of the tools. I have VS2010 and the CKSDev tools installed.

Steps to add an xslt file to your style library using a feature in SP2010:
1.> In VS2010 create a new Element;
2.> Under the element add and xslt, change the "Deployment Type" property;
3.> Move the elements to "Items in the Feature" default is "Items in the Solution";
4.> Modify the elements.xml file;

5.> Ensure the itemStyleCustom.xsl exists in the Xsl Style library.


Unknown said...

it doesnt get deployed to the style libray.

Unknown said...

This didnt work out for me. Is it possible to do it programatically as all the blogs I checked doesnt provide a solution

Paul Beck said...

Hi Suren,

Pls give me more detail. That is the error message?

Paul Beck said...

This is pretty simple - check you have done all the steps. This declaritive solution is the best way to do tis in my opinion. You can do it programatically through a feature receiver.

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