Tuesday, 31 August 2010

SharePoint 2010 Prerequisite Installation

Problem: SP 2010 has to have prerequisites run that setups and installs software components.  This can be run by clicking the prerequisiteInstaller.exe or via a cmd prompt.  The cmd prompt option is useful for unattended installs.  Additionally the prerequisite installer will access the internet to download the required files, my environment does not have Internet access.

Initial Hypothesis: Download software onto the WFE servers and run the prerequisites to use local copies of the software that is required.

  • Extract SP2010 onto the local WFE
  • Open the PrerequisiteInstallerFiles folder and copy msi's & exe's (Minimal files would be: sqlncli.msi, mschart.exe, dotnetfx35setup.exe, Syncronisation.msi, FilterPack64bit.exe, SQLServer2008_ASADOMB10.msi)
  • Open a cmd prompt and run as an Administrator.
  • Navigate to the appropriate directory using Windows explorer where PrerequisiteInstaller.exe is and create the file PrerequisiteInstaller.Arguements.txt
  • Edit the PrerequisiteInstaller.Arguements.txt file as shown below.  Save and close the files.
  • Navigate to the appropriate directory using the cmd prompt where PrerequisiteInstaller.exe is located and run the cmd "PrerequisiteInstaller.exe".  Mine is c:\Software\SP2010>PrerequisiteInstaller.exe

Tip: The Prerequisiteinstaller.Arguements.txt must not have line breaks between switch statements only spaces.  I.e. the config must be on 1 line.

/unattended /SQLNCli:PrerequisiteInstallerFiles\sqlncli.msi /ChartControl:PrerequisiteInstallerFiles\MSChart.exe /NETFX35SP1:PrerequisiteInstallerFiles\dotnetfx35setup.exe /Sync:PrerequisiteInstallerFiles\Synchronization.msi /FilterPack:PrerequisiteInstallerFiles\FilterPack64bit.exe /ADOMD:PrerequisiteInstallerFiles\SQLSERVER2008_ASADOMD10.msi

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