Thursday, 26 August 2010

Creating lookup columns and list declaratively in SP2010

Problem: When creating lists via a feature, you may want to link SharePoint 2010 lists.
Initial Hypothesis: In MOSS to link to SharePoint 2007 lists you had to do it via the UI or via a deployable feature.  The list was created declaratively using XML (CAML).   Lastly the lookup column needed to be created using a feature receiver.  As in MOSS, in SP2010 you can create a lookup column using the UI but this is not a reusable deployment method and falls prey to errors.  SP2010 allows you to create lookup lists using declarative CAML.

Resolution: Create the lists, add site columns (fields), then add the site columns to a content type and lastly generate the list definition & list instance.  Steps are detailed below:
  • In an elements file declaratively create a lookup column that uses the specified list as shown below: 

  • Add the new lookup column to a content type:
  • Your existing/create a list definition that derives from your content type.
Note: The Lookup Site column needs to specify the list it is looking up when you declare the XML.
More Info:
Creating lists declaritively in SP2010 - Post outlines creating SharePoint lists, coupled with this post you can create lists that are related using a feature to create your lists.
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