Friday, 20 August 2010

SPMetal is throwing a ThreadAbortException

Problem: I am inserting new items into a list using Linq-to-sharepoint (SPMetal), my code throws a ThreadAbortException exception. 

Initial Hypothesis: When I run the code as a Site Collection Owner the new list item is inserted.  So this is a permissions issues.  I increase the permissions on the user that can't insert the list item.  It works so this is clearly a permissions issue.  After the user tries to perform the insert list item, they are directed to the "Error: Access Denied" message on the web page.  Clearly the error message is misleading however, SharePoint seems to understand the ThreadAbortException is a permissions issue.  The issue is the user does not have sufficient permissions to perform the action.  By elevating the user permissions the error goes away.  All well except the error logging is throwing an odd error, after some digging this issue has been blogged before however not for LINQ to SharePoint.

Resolution: Assign the correct permissions to the user performing an action.


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