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SharePoint 2010 Software Licencing

Rough idea of pricing excluding VAT.  This is not from Microsoft and pricing is not fixed as I have laid it out in this post.  Saying that, please consult a licencing expert most resellers such as HP have licencing experts to help you, this is merely a guide to help you get started.  Without further procrastination ...
Windows 2008 & SharePoint is priced on a per server basis.  SQL is charged at a per processor licence.  Software assurance is about and additional 28-30/year.
  • Windows 2008 R2 standard x64 - £2,5k
  • SharePoint Std Internet - 5,5K ?
  • SharePoint Ent Internet - 20K ?
  • SharePoint Std Internal - 3K ?
  • SharePoint Ent Internal - ?
  • SharePoint Std CAL £45/cal
  • SharePoint Ent CAL £80/cal
  • SQL 2008 R2 Std/proc £3,5k
  • SQL 2008 R2 Ent/Proc £14k
Software Assurance: MS sell software assurance, this entitles you to upgrade over the period of the SA agreement charged at about 30% per year. If the new version of the product is due for release and you will move to the new version in the next year or 2, Software assurance may be a good option. However as SP2010 has just been re4lease and SharePoint 15 is due some time in 2014, the cost of SA for that period would be more than buying the SP15 software (assuming prices stay the same). It is a per circumstances decision but I would opt to buy the SP2010 without SA, in 2014 buy new licences and the cost will most likely be lower for the upgrade and it will allow for a in-place upgrade (I.e. SP2010 and SP2014 would run next to each other until everything is upgraded). I would personally prefer to do the upgrade as it will keep the systems cleaner, have better performance and allow for a safer upgrade. Also not you can use Enterprise agreements and stop paying SA but the key if to look at minimising the cost of SharePoint licences over a 5 or 6 year period.

Tip: Licencing prices change depending on factors such as volume discounts, types of licences, software assurance, are you a charity, are you buying or renting licences.  This post takes a simplistic view of SharePoint licencing and is not Microsoft's policy but merely to help mine the licencing minefield that faces most big software projects.  Please consult a licencing expert, it will save you time and money.
Tip: Windows External Connector licences for Windows 2008 (Needed for SharePoint 2010 Internet licences if the external users will use any file or print functionality provided by Windows)
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Developer & UAT licences would be covered by MSDN/technet subscriptions.  Technet does not include Visual Studio 2010.

VS2010 & TFS licencing

Example to explain licencing
We have 700 internal users with AD accounts.  We have 15 external suppliers with a total of 2000 users that access our SP2010 system.  We have a dedicated physical SQL Server 2008 R2 std edition and 2 SharePoint NLB Windows 2008R2 std edition web servers.  What licences do we need? 
Prices are my estimated guess.
Software assurance (SA) is not selected, simply multiply by 1.6 for a rough figure.
3 Windows 2008 R2 licences for the SQL box and 2 web servers.  +-£7K
SQL Server licences charged at per CPU.  4CPUs for +-£14K
SP2010 Std edition licences for the 700 internal users at £3K/server for 2 servers +- £6K
SP2010 Std edition licences for the external/Internet licence users at £5,5K/server for 2 servers +- £11K
700 Std user SP2010 cal's @£45/user  +- £31,5K
Total Software estimate:  £69.5K
Note: As you can see you have to pay for 4 server licences on 2 servers.  Those astute people out there may realise that you could add 2 more SP 2010 servers to your farm without paying for and more SP licences.  Only think is you need to then only allow internal access on the Internal servers and Internet access to the external SP server.

Development Licences
Technet covers all development licences you will need with the exception of Visual Studio.  MSDN licencing includes Visual Studio 2010.  Visual Studio Ultimate, & Professinal can be purchase individually or through MSDN.
TFS 2010 (Team Foundation Server) has 3 ways to get licences:
  • MSDN - individual all versions get 1 instance licence & 1 Cal with a MSDN subscription.
  • Volume licencing – each person accessing TFS server needs a Cal.
  • Retails – Organisation gets 1 instance of TFS & 5 Cal’s. Approx £500.
Any TFS instance needs SQL 2008 standard edition, this is included in the TFS licence.  Can't use this free version of SQL Server for anything else.

Update 8 Mar 2011: Ari Bakker Post of Web Parts by SP licence Type
Update 10 Nov 2011: Technet

More Info:


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