Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Creating SharePoint Lists declaratively using Visual Studio 2010

Problem: Create a custom list to hold configuration values in a list.
Resolution Overview: Using VS 2010 create a feature that deploys the new list with content.
1.> Create Site Columns/fields;
2.> Create the Content Type using the Site Columns;
3.> Create the List Definition from the Content Type; and
4.> Add items to the list instance elements.xml.

Resolution Steps:

1.> Create Site Columns by adding a new "Empty Element" item in VS.
Declaratively add the site column to the elements.xml file;
Ensure your element file has been added to a feature for deployment;
Deploy the feature and ensure the Site Column has been add using the UI "Site Setting" > "Site Columns";

2.> Create the Content Type using the Site Columns
Using VS 2010 create a new Content Type;
Add caption
Using the existing Site Column create the Content Type declaratively;
Check the Content Type is create after you have deployed; 

3.> Create the List Definition from the Content Type

Follow the wizard and select the newly created Content Type "Configuration";
Check the List definition has created the elements.xml and schema.xml files;

Edit the Schema.xml File to Show the new columns defined int he content type (otherwise you will only see the "Title" column);

4.> Add items to the list instance elements.xml

Ensure the List is created

Tip: The fields/site columns & FieldRefs used in the elements files can be added thru the VS2010 tools.  VS2010 > View > Toolbar
Tip: Updated 18 Oct 2010 - CKSDev has the functionality to import Site Columns, this is useful in that you may of created the SiteColumns via the UI on a prototype site and you can not easily get the xml to create the site columns/fields declaritively.


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