Monday, 30 August 2010

Linq to SharePoint 2010 DSL extensions

I have been building a composite application for a client that has a heavy reliance on SPMetal.  There are several issues using SPMetal and I have spent time this weekend trying to figure out how SPMetal works so I could work around our issues.  I found this project from MS LINQ to SharePoint DSL extensions.  Pretty impressive tool.

A few years back I went to Microsoft to hear about Domain Specific Languages (DSL), at the time I thought it was pretty amazing but couldn't see any benefit for me and thought it was going to be pretty niche in fields like academic research.  I was wrong and this project is definitely worth a look it you are going to use SPMetal, you may not need or want the extra ability but pretty useful.  Olivier Carpentier has written a good user guide & made a pod cast to go along with the unsupported MS project.


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